VoIP V3 Paging Server (with Night Ringer)


VoIP V3 Paging Server (with Night Ringer)


The CyberData V3 VoIP Paging Server enables users through a single SIP phone extension, to access multiple zones for paging in a VoIP network and to connect to legacy analog overhead paging systems.

A second SIP extension can be configured as a night ringer playing a user-uploadable audio file.

The V3 Paging Server allows direct connection to legacy analog paging amplifiers that require a “Page Port” type input that meets a balanced 600 Ohm 10Vpp signal or a 10k Ohm Hi-Z 2vpp signal. You can also take advantage of connections for a dry contact relay (page start output) and sense input (Fault Sense Input) for additional functionality.

The easy-to-use, web-based configuration provides a graphical user interface to set up to 100 paging zones for IP paging with unique multicast address and port number combinations.

The V3 Paging Server connects via a single CAT 5 or 6 network cable to a standard PoE 802.3af compliant switch.


► Supports 600 Ohm output
► Page start relay contacts
► Remote amp fault sensor
► SIP RFC 3261 compatible
► Multicast output
► Two SIP endpoints (one for Night Ringer)
► DTMF control of zone selection
► Delayed Page Support
► Line-In connection for music
► Line-out connection to support analog Amps


Protocol                                       SIP RFC 3261 Compatible

Ethernet I/F                              10/100 Mbps

Power Input                               PoE 802.3af or 48VDC

Operating Temperature          -30 to 55C (-22 to 131F)

Payload Types                           G711

Regulatory Compliance            FCC Class A, UL 60950

Page Port Output                       Balanced 600 Ohm 10 VPP

Line In:
Input Signal Amplitudes         2.0 VPP maximum
Input Impedance                     10k ohm

Line Out:
Output Signal Amplitudes     2.0 VPP maximum
Output Level                           +2dBm nominal
Total Harmonic Distortion     0.5% maximum
Output Impedance                 10k ohm
Dimension                                  6.11″ x 4.05″ x 1.15″ (L x W x H)

Boxed Weight                            1.8 lbs.

Warranty                                   2 Year Limited

Part Number                             011146


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