VoIP Hosting


We are glad to invite you to try our new VoIP hosting service.
With our VoIP hosting service you can run your own VoIP server without any investment.
The main goal is to lower your VoIP server hosting costs without any risks or obligations. The
service can be suspended at any time.

VoIP server hosting for small business

Be your own VoIP Provider. There is no investment and there is no startup fees. Only a monthly
fee that include your own dedicated VoIP server preinstalled and preconfigured which you
can customize after your needs anytime from anywhere. There is no constrains regarding the
usage. You can find and interconnect with any other voip carrier or service provider after your
needs. By connecting with multiple providers, you can further reduce your telecom costs by
implementing LCR (least cost routing). All the decisions are in your hand.

Hosting for VoIP service providers

Hosting your VoIP helps you to considerably reduce your hosting and maintenance costs. By
using our server park you can forgot about all low level technical issues and concentrate on your
business. We provide fully managed services and our support will help you to resolve all VoIP
related issues.

About the platform

We are running each VoIP service as a separate instance (sandbox) but still taking the full
advantage from the hardware which helps us to minimize our costs thus allowing us to deliver
this service with the lowest prices. These are not virtual servers (VPS) which are known to
be inadequate for VoIP usage. The separate server instances are all running natively on the
hardware eliminating all the drawbacks that server virtualization would introduce in VoIP (CPU
delay, networking delay, jitter). We are constantly monitoring the platform to guarantee that
your server(s) runs in optimal condition. We usually add more resources when the hardware
utilization reach to 75% allocating enough resources for occasional peaks or unexpected traffic.
You will be allowed full admin access to your service .

Included in the service:

redundant servers (Quad Core Xeon servers with ECC Memory and hardware Raid)
hot backup servers
preconfigured VoIP 3cx, Asterix , Elastic , Epigi
all “low-level


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