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SIP-to-SIP (SBC) BN2SIP4 for four SIP2SIP calls


Article name – BN2SIP4

License for four SIP2SIP calls

Gateway needed – BF400box or more


Transform your VoIP Gateway into a Session Border Controller (SBC)
Teach your VoIP Gateway new tricks by unlocking the SIP-to-SIP session border controller functionality of beroNet OS. With SIP-to-SIP you can connect multiple SIP devices and take advantage of the dialplan to create advanced least cost. With your SIP connections in the beroNet Gateway

Session Border Controller; SIIP-to-SIP


  • Connect incompatible SIP devices
  • Use regular expressions in the beroNet Gateway to ensure that
  • each device receives SIP information in the format it expects
  • Simplify advanced PBX configurations
  • Add your SIP Trunks to the beroNet Gateway to manage all failover
    and least-cost-routing configurations directly in the Gateway.
  • If you use the same configuration often, simply backup the device and
    deploy the configuration to the next one keeping your optimizations
    PBX independent.
  • Use the VoIP Gateway to take advantage of Secure SIP and SRTP;
    even if your IP-PBX doesn’t support it.


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