SIP Paging Adapter #Part Number: 011233



The CyberData SIP Paging Adapter is a VoIP endpoint that interfaces analog paging systems with SIP and Multicast-based audio sources. The SPA (SIP Paging Adapter) can be configured to support two separate SIP extensions. SIP extension one passes audio through to the analog output spoken from the caller’s handset. When called, SIP extension two plays a bell audio that can be used as a night ringer when configured in a night ring group. The SPA supports up to 9 user-loadable messages that can be played by a DTMF command. The SPA supports a line-In input for playing MOH.

Can receive pages directly from Polycom phones

Two SIP extensions (Note: One of these extensions is a dedicated “night ringer,” which is not capable of answering a call, and will only play a stored message while the call is ringing.)
Voice prompt pass code and page control
9 user-uploadable page messages
10 channel prioritized Multicast ports
Page to Polycom phones
HTTP Web Interface and setup
G711 A-Law and u-Law, G.722 codecs
Built-in diagnostics
10k Ohm input for background music
600 Ohm Balanced audio out
Unbalanced Line-Out
Remote amp fault sensor
DTMF and programmatic controlled Relay
Delayed page support
DTMF pass-through
Cisco SRST
10/100 802.3af PoE


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