IP Video Phone VP530


IP Video Phone



The Yealink VP530, innovation of the advanced, executive level IP Video Phone. Unified with audio, video, applications, the VP530 is a powerful business video phone. Its large display and ease of use make the VP530 an ideal all-in-one tool for today’s busy executives and managers, regardless where they are. With its excellent user experience and rich business features, the VP530 creates an immersive, face-to-face experience over the network, empowering users to collaborate with each other like never before.

* Superb user experience with intelligent features integrated in a ease of use phone
* Maximize productivity for managers, executives
* Efficiently cooperate with each other by video call, video conferencing with lower travel expenses and faster decision making
* Easy to deploy and simple to administer, upgrade, maintain
* Reduced carbon footprint with energy-saving PoE for a green world
* Highly customizable and expandable


TI DaVinci dual-core chipset, 2M CMOS camera


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